Images for Footprint

On Friday I spent the day printing at CCP. I am still working on developing some of the material I produced at Weir Farm last spring. I finished a couple of prints that I started in November and here are 4 new monotypes of an old cedar at Weir Farm done from a graphite drawing. 

Sunday in the reservation with friends…

Last Sunday was a spectacularly beautiful day and I was able to take a walk in the Pound Ridge Reservation with son Andrew and some friends. Spring is beginning to stir most in the swampy areas where clumps of bright green moss are beginning to emerge, green and purple spotted skunk cabbage is poking up through the wet leaves,  and all around there are sounds of frogs croaking and birds calling.  Not far along the trail was a pond teeming with mating frogs. The sound of their calls filled the air. We sat by on a rock and listened, letting the sound surround us.


Winter Mountain Laurels

Spring. As much as I love the stark silhouettes of the winter landscape, I must say I am thrilled with the thought that spring is here and that soon, the leaves will return to the trees. The moss will become emerald green again and the chill in the air will lift.

Of course I won’t abandon winter imagery just yet and next week I will return to the Center for Contemporary Printmaking one day a week where I will  work of completing the series of prints, mostly monotypes, that I began in my residency at Weir Farm this time last year.  Meanwhile I will be searching the landscapes for my next subjects.