Artist’s Statement

I am a printmaker who draws inspiration from closely observing the natural world, time and space associations, and a deep sense of connection with the earth. My work is focused on the uniqueness and astonishing complexity of nature and its plant and tree life. I acknowledge and honor the marvels of the vast diversity of life that surrounds us here in the northeast region of the United States and aspire to engage viewers in the process of increasing our awareness, understanding, and appreciation for life on this planet.

My work is the sharing of my love and appreciation for nature, which began when I was a child growing up in rural Chester County, PA. As I consider the future for our children and children’s children, I am increasingly aware of the vulnerability of our environment and the mounting crisis created by continual urban development, and the vast systems of livestock farming needed to support the global food supply. I consider this to be the single greatest threat to the earth’s balance. The planet’s survival now hinges on a collective awareness raising of the importance of preserving open native landscapes.  

To create my images, I use a variety of printmaking techniques from traditional etchings, woodcuts and monotypes to new methods such as photopolymer printmaking.  

Woods and Tracks, Photopolymer print, 2022