Returning Swans

Tandem swans soaring in perfect unison,

wings arced wide and assured,

embracing the air.

Aerodynamic wonders no team of engineers could ever replicate,

understand but never replicate with their

lift, glide, drag and feathering.

In final decent, the couple gently float

downward in a controlled glide,

long slender necks as rudders.

Side by side, they approach the glassy surface of the lake.

So slowly,

as if they might at any point, stop and just hover there,

or maybe vanish like a dream.

Heron Colony

While driving to work each day I regularly pass a swampy place with hundreds of tall dead trees that has always appealed to my sense of aesthetics. While taking some “drive-by pictures” one morning, I noticed what looked like a cluster of nests high up in some of the trees about 70 to 80 feet into the swamp. Thanks to the excellent camouflage provided by the trees, it was hard to make out if there were any birds on the nests. One morning I happened to drive by when two Great Blue Herons flew in the area. Nearly running off the road, I realized that the nests must belong to Great Blue Herons. Now I was completely fascinated, so I started pulling off the road to watch for them for a while each time I pass. Once I knew what I was looking at, I easily counted the herons. First time around there were 8!! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Now I believe there are about at least a dozen.

The following images are not very good photographs. They are just my best shot at trying to share this incredible scene. The birds are actually building their nests, getting ready to lay eggs. Each day they grow larger. I have seen these amazing birds carrying stick back and forth, from the ground to the treetops. I’ve seen them holding on tight in the wind as the trees bend and sway. The birds seem to share some of the nests and sometimes fly from one nest to another.

Great Blue Heron
Great Blue Heron

My pictures are sort of like looking for Waldo, but if you look closely you will see the herons. Click on the photos to get a better look. I hope you enjoy seeing them as I’ll be keeping their location a secret! Sorry. I will follow there progress of this heronry (as I’ve learned they’re called) and post the best pictures I can take as spring arrives, and so do the chicks.

Great Blue Heron Colony
Great Blue Heron Colony